About Canvas


Canvas Ministries was launched in January 2013, after years of planning and praying. Rakeem Brewington and Machal Schoolfield had a dream of creating an international ministry that would use dance and the arts as a tool to introduce people to Christ. They believe that God is a creating, artistic God who allows His children to be the canvas for His amazing works. This idea was the birth of Canvas Ministries.

There are two major components to Canvas Ministries: AmericanĀ and International


Rakeem and Machal are called to reach people across the United States. They believe that God wants to strengthen a remnant of believers who are hungry to experience Him in this nation. They have several goals to achieve this:

  • Traveling to churches to minister through dance, preaching, poetry and other creative means.
  • Opening arts school and performing arts centers across the states.
  • Partnering with churches to develop arts programs
  • Hosting dance workshops at churches and in the secular world
  • Preaching at conferences with messages of love, repentance, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Partnering with other ministries to unite the kingdom of God passed denominational barriers.


In the passed few years, Canvas Ministries has traveled to Israel, Romania, Germany, Uganda, Mozambique, and England. A major portion of Rakeem and Machal’s vision is to do all they can in achieving the Great Commission. Machal particularly, has a desire to work with young women overseas who are part of the sex trade. Their vision is large but is becoming more and more of a reality daily with Christ.

  • Assisting women out the sex trade in Asia, Africa, and Brazil while establishing homes for rehabilitation (spiritually, psychologically and economically)
  • Working with local churches to strengthen their already existing programs
  • Establishing arts schools as tools for discipleship
  • Leading outreaches beyond the walls of the church
  • Ministering through preaching and dancing to local congregations

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